Brush strokes are moving when I draw in Harmony 12.2 Premium

I just recently started having this problem with an animation I’ve been working on. Whenever I draw a line it moves sever centimeters from the spot that I originally drew it in. It’s making it impossible for me to draw because i can’t predict where the line will end up accurately. I’m not sure if I accidentally changed one of my settings or what. I’ve used two different computers and the same thing happens. I would really appreciate if someone could help me fix this.


Hi Archangel001,

sounds like a tablet driver issue. Try uninstalling your tablet driver, then restart your computer and then install the most current driver available for your tablet. Also, be sure after you re-install it to make sure you calibrate your tablet. That should fix it. Good luck!

have a great day!


Actually I’m using a Wacom Cintiq Comapnion. I’ve updated all the software and even tried used another tablet and computer and I’m getting the same problem. If you have any other suggestions, I’d appreciate it.


Uninstall all tablet driver and tablet preference files.
Re-install the latest tablet driver for the companion.
Use the tablet utility to calibrate and define the tablet

It can be difficult to find all the tablet drivers and
preferences files so do a system search for the words
Tablet and Wacom (individually). If you’re stuck, contact
support to have a look on your system.

Hi Archangel001, no i don’t think this is tablet driver related. Sounds to me that you have possibly got some parameters assigned within the layer you are working on that shifts the drawing. Can you tell me does it move when you are in drawing mode? or only when you are in the camera window? My guess is that it only moves when using Camera window view, which would suggest at some point the layer has been moved. If you right click on the layer you can ‘reset all parameters’ which should sort it…

Hope that helps, cheers, Jason.

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