Brush strokes are flattening randomly

Hello everyone!

I’m having issues drawing with the brush tool. The brush strokes are flattening randomly as I draw. Sometimes I select certain strokes and I can manipulate them as I want, but in some frames all the brush strokes are flattened in one shape. I know you can choose to flatten brush strokes in the menu (Drawing> Optimize> Flatten), but this is happening without selecting this in the menu or without using the shortcut. I read that you can select to auto-flatten, but I haven’t found where this option is to see if maybe it is selected without me knowing. And since it is happening randomly in some frames, I doubt that this auto-flatten option is selected. Or maybe it is, I’m not sure.

What could be causing this random flattening of brush strokes?

Thank you


Auto-Flatten is also a property of the drawing tool you are using.
Check the “Tool Properties” window the next time you have
brush or pencil strokes flattening unexpectedly.