Brush Stroke appearing delay with Surface Pro 3 pen

Hi I just brought harmony essential and found out that pen of Surface pro 3 has a delay before brush appearing

I also have BAMBOO pad with pen(not surface pen) and it work with NO delay

Test with Photoshop Element 12 and Microsoft Fresh Paint both have no delay

OS :Windows 10
Laptop Model : Surface Pro 3

If that doesn’t work, you could try going into preferences/advanced and disabling the Wintab support, so that it can use the Surface pro’s own tablet support.

(You may need to install additional drivers for this, is the screen wacom based (penabled), or N-Trig?)

Thanks you both rkriz and martinT_23372 to point me out

Now the problem solved

I unchecked [Edit > Preferences > Advanced > Table Support > "Use Qt Wintab Table Support (Requires relaunch)] and upgrade from Microsoft ( select

After Restart PC the delaying are gone

Thanks again for help me out :slight_smile:

The Surface Pro does not have a very powerful graphic card so all
things being equal, that’s probably what’s causing it. If you have
multiple monitors/displays, the already underpowered graphic card’s
resources are being divided among all the displays making the situation

To “reclaim” some graphic card resources you can disable the Aero
Desktop theme by right-clicking the Desktop, selecting “Personalize”
and scrolling to the bottom to select one of the “Basic & High-Contrast”
themes instead. This used to work on older versions of Windows but I
have not yet has a chance to try this on Windows 10.

Just make sure to close and re-open the program after making the change.