Brush Speed

I just started using Toon Boom a few days ago and I love it’s features, but I’ve been having issues with drawing in the program. The speed of both the brush and pencil tool is too fast for me to draw properly in the program, is there any way I could change it?

I am assuming you are using a tablet. I do not like the response using a tablet. I get a flourish on the end of my strokes. I would prefer more “drag.” I am on OS X so I switched to an iPad Pro and Astropad for a Cintiq-like set up. Things are much better.

As for a tablet I know of someone who has a cutting mat resting on top of their tablet. They say it creates the drag close to drawing on paper. I have not tried it. I wondered whether he wore out nibs faster because of the rougher surface but he is still using the original nib after years. I wore them out on just the smooth surface within months. But Wacoms come with a variety of nib types so he and I may not be using the same nib. You may or may not need to replace them more frequently but it would be worth it if the mat significantly improves the experience.

Google “art cutting mat” for an idea. I am not sure of the exact one he uses. You should definitely look for a thin one so the pen and tablet surface can communicate. He gets all of the sensitivity you get without the mat so the technology does not appear to be prone to obstruction when something is resting on the tablet surface.

I would go to an art store with my tablet stylus and make drawing strokes on one to see whether I liked the response. Once you know and pin point a good product you can buy it anywhere.