Brush Question

I looked back through previous topics, and found this same thing asked back in 2004, but no one had responded to it.

The line thickness is relative to the zoom, not to the actual size, so if you zoom in and make lines they’re thinner then ones made when zoomed out. Is there some way to lock this so it’s not relative to the zoom?

Also, while I’m here, I’m wondering if someone can tell me where I can find something that will tell me my zoom percentage.


I don’t think such information is available so far but I will send a feature request concerning this just now.

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The scaling of the pixels in brush strokes between zoom levels is inherent in the way all vector drawing software works, this is exactly the same in Flash it is not a TBS specific thing. The trick for dealing with this is to use proportional settings on various pen definitions based on your chosen zoom levels. You can then just switch your pen setting when you need to draw in at particular zoom and your un-zoomed 1:1 lines will be the same because you accounted for the pixel scaling in your proportional brush sizing. As to zoom level shifting, set your zoom level to do your close up work and use the keyboard shortcut to switch between two views (zoom levels). -JK

Thanks, though the scaling of pixels in brush strokes between zoom levels doesn’t happen in the Digital Pro version, and I was hoping there might be some way to make it do that in studio.

I wouldn’t mind changing my brush size as I zoom in, except I can’t find anywhere that will tell me what zoom percent I am, as that would help me a great deal in keeping it standardized. Would you know where I can find that?

Zoom percentages are not displayed but are easily set and known using your field guide. A 12 field is 100% zoom or 1:1. Then to know percentage zooms you can use 8 field as 150%, 6 field as 200%, 4 field as 300%, 3 field as 400%, and 2 field as 600%. To set the zoom to a particular % you use the zoom tool to pull a diagonal between the numbers of the field size you want as your zoom, so pull a diagonal between the 4’s and you will have a 4 field view which is a 300% zoom. Then using the keyboard short cut key “B” you can toggle between views, for example between 100% and 300% etc. Hope this helps.-JK