Brush Properties vs Tool Properties / Brushes

In the first video:

The tool properties window has basic options and is labeled at the top right as “Brush”

In the second video of the series:

When the user clicks on the Brush tool… the Tool Properties for the Brush is inexplicably different.

There is a visual display of presets, there is a min display and stroke with an arrow off to the right side that allows more options to pop up.

How do we get to this set of options? My brush properties in Harmony 10 stays looking like the first video without instruction on how to bring up the options that are shown in the second video.

These changes will be coming to Harmony soon as well, once we solidify any additional changes that need to be made to make it compatible with Harmony.


The video is taken from Animate Pro 3 which has a slightly newer interface. In Harmony you have two methods to save brushes; the Tool Properties Window and the Tool Presets Window, each with slightly different options and features. The tool presets window can be used to define hotkeys to quickly access the desired brush/pencil style.