Brush Presets gone


I am working with H 12 Premium and in the middle of a running project all my brush presets are gone… Reinstalled but nothing changed.

As long as you did not wipe out the folders the preset data should still exist on your system and you just need to move it to the upgrade folders. That is if whatever you had works with Harmony 12.

nahh that stuff is still in there. i was able to easily pop in my keyboard shortcuts from there. i have a backup of my presets on my OneDrive for backup purposes that i have used in the past, and those do not work either.

yeah i noticed that myself. i only had two presets that i used regularly so it wasn’t a huge deal for me, but i can see that this would be a pain in the rear for someone who used them a lot?

They must have revamped the engine under the hood and rendered them obsolete.