brush/pinceau. dot instead of line

hello, bonjour

I have a problem on TBS 4.5 with the brush. when I try to draw a line I can only draw one dot, no more. any idea of where this problem could come from?
thank you!

ps: I see only english language on the forum so I don’t know if it is possible to use french…

don’t mind me I’m just answering any questions i don’t see answered. I hope i don’t drive UGO or JK or the other experts nuts.

I’m assuming you are using a tablet to draw with and not the mouse.

this happens with me as well and a quick fix (getting a dot instead of a line) is to actually use the mouse for one line then use the tablet. just like magic the tablet works correctly. why this dot thing happens i don’t know but this tip is a quick fix when ever it happens


En fait essais tout simplement de lever ton crayon loin de la tablette pour quelques secondes, ceci devrait réinitialiser le signle de la tablette.

Par ailleurs sous quel OS (Mac (OSX 10.4/10.5) / Windows (XP/Vista)) travaillez vous?



(P.S. pas de problème avec le français par contre tu risques d’avoir moins de gens qui pourrons t’aider)