Brush/Pencil Toggle Plugin

One problem I run into when I use Harmony is that the brush/pencil need to be mapped to separate hotkeys. That makes it difficult for me to work between Harmony and painting software like Photoshop and Krita because most digital painting applications have only one brush tool, but ToonBoom has two.

In order to make things easier on my brain, I wrote a plugin that lets you bind the brush and pencil tools to the same key and then use another key to swap between them. For example, I have the brush/pencil tools bound to S and the swap key bound to F1. If I’m in brush mode, pressing S will activate the brush, but if I press F1 to switch to pencil mode pressing S will now activate the pencil.

Anyway I wrote this for myself but I thought that y’all mind find it useful, especially if you work between lots of different programs in rapid succession.

The plugin also adds a way to bind hotkeys to the cutter/select tools without changing what the alt key does, but that’s much less exciting.

Here’s the link!