Brush, Pencil, Eraser problems!

Hello, im new here and i am also a beginner on the actual animate pro 2 software. I couldnt find the solution to my problem on the forum or online, so i thought i could get some help here maybe.

My problem is that whenever i use the brush, pencil, eraser etc, i get this red circle mouse pointer with a cross on it? I cant do anything, that is drawing and so on. I understand if this is common or a really easy thing to handle, but again, im new on the software and i just want to start drawing :slight_smile:
I really appreciate if someone can help me here, thanks!

Mostly, this ‘forbidden’ sign shows when you are trying to perform illegal action. Check the layer (or column) that you have first select it. And the selected layer is valid vector drawing layer instead of bitmap image layer that you have imported. Also check if the layer is locked or not (check the little lock sign on the layer in Time Line).