Brush line animation

I have a special purpose: I need to animate a brush line which has variable width of stroke(typicaly done by tablet), but I want to animate it as pencil line…animation just with the center line not the both sides of stroke. I’ve already seen that this is possible but I don’t remember how it was done.

Thanx a lot

ps: sorry if my english is not perfect…still learning

You can always change the line style between pencil and brush. However, using a Pencil line, the line will be straight and looses thickness variable. I do not know whether you want to have squiggly line (bumpy) or wobbly line (bumpy but waves) but it can be done by creating a mask with random circles pattern with gradient and cut it with the line as an effects for squiggly and having more than one random circle pattern in deference for wobbly for the lines only. THis somehow will be a bit advanced. My 2 cents.

This is --maybe-- another way, but it depends on how you want to animate the line. Make the line a symbol and use the frames within it. Why do you want to be able to animate it like this in particular ?

edit–can it be done via the advanced tool with the separate line and fill, just a thought…