Brush isn't Natural (No Pen Pressure and Rigid)

Hi, for some reason my brush doesn’t work naturally at all, whenever I try to draw my lines are kind of ‘auto-corrected’. For example if I want to draw a quick curve upwards it ends up looking like a pixelated tick symbol instead? Basically, what I draw isn’t fully replicated on the screen, alongside this my pen pressure isn’t working, it does this thing where it automatically adds pressure without taking into consideration where I actually applied pressure, like its just assuming where I would put the pressure! I’ve played around with the ‘‘Smoothing’’ and ‘‘Contour Smoothing’’ adjustments cause I assumed that was the issue but its still happening? Anyone know how to fix this annoying auto correcting thing? I just want to be able to draw naturally so I can animate smoothly.

What is the Harmony version and build number?
Which tablet model?

Go into your account and download the latest available Harmony patch.
Also go to the manufacturer’s websites to update your graphic card driver
and tablet driver.

Make sure to reboot the system after the updates.
If you still see this happening after the updates
contact support.

I’m using a Wacom Intuos CTH 480 Graphics Tablet and the Trial of Harmony 16. Is it possible to update with a Trial version or is that automatically up to date?

If you’re running the trial version then it’s already up-to-date.
Go to the Wacom web site and update the tablet driver.
If that does not resolve the issue please contact support to
remotely connect to the system to have a look.