brush disappearing

i just ran into this problem today and I would liek to know whats causing it, i changed a hotkey of mine to alt b so i could select the pen tool and have b as my brush tool, after i did this I noticed that my brush tool would not stay for lack of a better way to put it. I would use some other tool and then using my hotkey choose the brush tool buta s soon as i let go it would no longer be the tool i was using.

I did read somewhere toon boom could do something like this as a feature but I do not want this in my work flow at all

Drawing tools are overridable. meaning that you switch tool by clicking Alt+B for brush or Alt+E for eraser but if you’re using the brush, for instance, and press only E (without the Alt) you can erase while you’re pressing and when you release the key you can continue drawing with the brush, without the need to click Alt+E and then Alt+B. So you shouldn’t use Alt+B for one tool and B for a different tool because the software expects the key without the Alt to be the same tool but for override use. And if you remove the Alt from the shortcut you miss the override feature which is quite handy when you’re sketching.

Luis Canau

thank for the reply. Is it possible to disable this functionality anywhere? because i’m not real keen on it