brush + contour editor : problem in Harmony

Hello to all!

I have a problem with the Harmony brush tool. When using the contour editor for making a line thicker, i get strange results which i didn’t had with Animate Pro.
> disapearing lines
> thickness not easy to control when pulling/dragging an ancherpoint

I made a picture comparing Animate Pro 2 to Harmony Standalone with a similar brushline:

If you can’t see the image illustrating the problem, please download the image to your desktop:

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ps: The stroke tool of harmony is flawless. I am so in love with it!!! :slight_smile: Here an exemple of an illustration i made with Harmony:
Inking and coloring done with Harmony Standalone- Don Bartolo 2012

Your example of the problem image is broken.

Your art as always amazing.

I always use the pencil tool in harmoney now it has pressure rather than the brush :smiley:

Hello TheRaider! :slight_smile:

Ohw… Maybe a refresh of the page will help to solve the problem.
Otherwise, here a link to download the image to your desktop :

Concerning the pencil tool: yes! it is a rrrreally powerful tool. Even in my wildest (geek)dreams i didn’t imagine that TB will integrate this to the software. I even prefere it to the similar Manga STudio/Retas tools.
There is only one little problem: sometimes i just don’t succeed in cutting the end of a tapered pen-line. (see image here under)
(I know i can just select the anchor-point and delete it. This solves the problem but i would like to have it the ‘regular way’ also :stuck_out_tongue: )

Bart :slight_smile:

For the brush problem, does this problem persist when you render, or is it just in OpenGL? I just tried on my machine and was unable to reproduce this behaviour. Is it with a specific scene file, or consistent in any scene?