Brush color keeps changing by itself

Hi there, I’m a bit new at toon boom and I’m not sure if I’m activating something on accident but, for some reason while I’m drawing in toon boom, after a while all of my colors turn a shade darker. As I draw a line the color I have chosen in the palette stays consistent, but as soon as I lift my pen from my tablet and the line render, the color will then change a shade darker. I have been able to fix this by restarting the program and all my line work and colors go back to normal but I’m just wondering if there is any way to fix/stop the problem from happening? Thank you.

(examples down below)

Greeetings shadow10299!

It is hard to figure out exactly what issue you are experiencing based on the written notes, but I’ll try my best!

The fact that you can restart the program and the problem is solved might indicate that this is a tool related issue.
Perhaps by either the Onion Skin or the Light Table tools.

To troubleshoot this a little bit yourself, try selecting a drawing tool (brush, pencil or line), clicking on your layer and then clicking on the lightbulb icon on the bottom left of your camera view. This should turn on and off the ‘‘light table’’ option, which usually allows you to see your current layer 100% opaque while fading all the other layer’s opacity.

However! There is also a way to customize this tool using the ‘‘top light’’ options. This icon looks like a ceiling lamp and is located on the top of your camera view. By clicking on it, you can be able to change different settings. Try playing with these and see if it changes your line.

You can also try and play with the Onion skin options.

Let me link the documentation on all these tools quickly for you!

Light Table and onion skin dialogue box:

Advanced onion skin (if you are using Harmony 16)

Short video on the subject of Light Table and Onion Skin

PROBLEM SOLVED!.. kinda, SO it actually turns out it was the onion skin tool making my lines darker, i had multiple frames of the same frame being detected by the onion skin, SO when i do turn onion skin off, the line art color returns to its default color. my only question now is whether or not there is a way for the onion skin to NOT detect the current frame im drawing in, the previous and next frame im obviously fine with, its the current one that annoys me.


I am happy that this solved your problem… kinda!

If you are using Harmony 16, there is a very simple way to do this.

So, the Onion Skin is not supposed to select your current drawing, the reason you could be experiencing this issue is because, let’s say, your onion skin is set to show you ‘‘one frame in the future’’ and that ‘‘one frame’’ is actually your same drawing showing up for another frame.

If you want to prevent this, you can set your Onionskin to ‘‘drawing’’ instead, this way, Onion skin will show you the next ‘‘drawing’’ instead of frame, which should solve your problems!

Usually, Onion skin set to ‘‘frames’’ is more for cut-out puppet animation and ‘‘drawings’’ is more for hand drawn frame by frame animation.

Please, let me know if this works for you. :slight_smile:
And if you are not using Harmony 16, let me know! I can also give you more indication on how to do this in the earlier versions.
(it is a tad bit less intuitive in the earlier version)

Have a wonderful day!

OH! Also, if you ever create anything with the software and would love to show it off on instagram, feel free to post it up there with the @toonboomanimation tag or #toonbooming hashtag, we love to share our user’s work with the world.