brush bitmap drawing disappearing (fixed)

I have a little problem:

cintiq 13HD touch, ATI card, Xeon computer,

when I draw with a bitmap brush/layer, keeps disappearing every time, but when I use the selection tool, I can select it. so this means that is visual?

Storyboard pro 4 ;(

how I can fix this ?

I seem to have the same problem, only the bitmap appeared warbled, even though in the layer and frames it is visible.

Is NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT (VRAM (Total):512 MB) on a 5.5 year old mac book pro too slow for this? Is there a way to fix it or work around it?
Storyboard pro 4.2


Usually this is due to the graphic card. Either the driver for the graphic card needs to be updated or the card is not capable of doing it because it is a low-end graphic card.

On Windows it can also be caused by the graphic card settings. If you think your card should be capable of doing it - contact support to have a look at the graphic card settings.

thanks a lot, I will check the drivers, or settings, the video card is very powerful, but not new. ATI Firegl 8650, a little old card, but a PRO card :wink:

you were totally right!

in the catalist ATI settings, I just disabled: “Catalist A.I.”

is an option about “optimizations” for every software. just that, and the brush is working good!!!

(just in case somebody have the same problem)

I do not have a mac book pro, but I change my video card to a NVIDIA and with the updated drivers, so far so good! no problems at all

try to play with the settings in the nvidia driver, this is what I did with my ATI, and it worked, sometimes video drivers redraw software settings, you can change it back and forth and test test, did you update the driver??

Hi ‘the monster’
Thank you for replying to my post.

ToonBoom support had got back to me as well, and it turns out my operating system does not support Storyboard Pro 4.2.

Just in case anyone else has similar issue.