Brush and Preference files? (for transfer to another computer)

I’ve successfully migrated my software from one computer to another, but the brushes and preferences didn’t follow…so…any help is appreciated in locating these files. Thanks!

Fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing this info. You rock! :slight_smile:

Thanks. That would involve de-licensing the new compute to be able to re-access the software on the old computer. Certainly a valid workaround, but I was hoping for something less involved.

I will certainly do this if the files don’t exist (and weird if they don’t, eh?).

Thank you.

I heard back from Support and with the information provided located my user presets. The files reflect the names I gave them so they are easy to identify. I have Animate Pro 3 but I am pretty certain Storyboard Pro and all Toon Boom software user presets, except TB Studio, go to the same folder. My copies of Animate PLE, Storyboard Trial (expired) and Storyboard Pro Trial (expired) have their user folders within this same folder.

"You can find your Preferences under
/Users/Your_User_Name/Library/Preferences/ Toon Boom Animation

In order to go there, you should use the “Go to folder…” option inside the “Go” options in your finder bar."

I would recommend viewing the directory path in column mode so you can have two Finder windows open as a source and destination ensuring they are placed in the precise location they need to be.

I only created custom Workspaces and Pencils. Workspaces are automatically saved as XML files. You can simply copy a Workspace file to the corresponding folder and it will be available to you in the software. However, Pencils, Brushes and Erasers are .tick files unless you have Exported them which creates an XML file. Just copying the .tick file to the folder does not work. You have to have the “penstyles.xml” file in a location where it can be accessed through the software then use the Import Brushes option from Tool Properties. Although that “penstyles.xml” file does not indicate it contains custom information it actually contains every brush including the custom brushes. Once selected in the Import Brush process a window opens and you are able to check the specific brushes from a list. Once completed the custom brushes appear in your list of available brushes or pencils or erasers.

I am very happy to have my custom pencils back as I did not remember everything I had done when creating them.

You are looking for User preferences and presets?

Yes, thank you. I’m looking for user preferences and presets, so that I can transfer the information from one computer to another. When I migrated the software, the prefs and brushes did not migrate.

If the source / original computer is still up and running just export the presets you want to keep to a folder and then import them in the new installation. They export as XML files. You can either make a screen capture of the preferences or make notes and update your preferences manually.

My hard drive crashed and I could not run any applications so exporting was impossible. I can access the drive and collect data. I searched for user files (not project files) and could not locate anything that could be a user preset. The only TB XML files I could find looked like factory presets.

Once I had a working program running I tried opening a project that had been built with user presets. The artwork was intact but the presets were not part of the project file so any new work could not be done without recreating the presets.

I have a support ticket in motion but it is the weekend.