Brush and pencil lines appear only after releasing mouse button


I am considering upgrading from Studio to Animate, so I downloaded the Personal Learning Edition of Animate to try it out with my laptop. The problem is that when I try to draw, I am able to see the strokes only after I’ve released the mouse button, and not while I’m drawing the line. It’s like drawing blindly! Annoying. I’ve tried turning on and off a number of OpenGL and Drawing preferences, but nothing. I haven’t tried a tablet yet, but I’m guessing it should work with the mouse and/or touchpad in the first place.

I already re-installed the software, but I still get the same issue. My specs are:

HP Pavillion dv2700 Notebook PC
Intel(R) Core™2 Duo CPU T5850 @ 2.16GHz
Running Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bits

Any thoughts?? (It would be nice to get a response before dec. 11, to be able to crossgrade at a discounted price). Thanks in advance.


My fault. It was a system requirements thing. I just tested it on my workstation and it works great. The problem is that my laptop computer, although it surpasses most system requirements, doesn’t have an NVIDIA card, which is a must with Windows according to TB. I’m guessing ye olde Intel integrated video card hasn’t been tested.

The issue is that Animate (and other pro products) uses OpenGL Technologie to display the lines and artwork. The technologie permits to have speedy playbacks and other things. The NVidia cards we know supports properly this technologie whereas often intergrated cards don’t. Many laptops don’t support properly OpenGL. In the Digital Pro forum I think I saw some threads about laptop with those cards. There might be a solution there.