Brush and Pencil has arrow smack dap in the middle

Very new to the software so I will accept the incoming eye rolls.

Created a new scene and all of my tools have the arrow cursor right in the middle of my tool, which makes drawing frustrating. Googling it, there is a post from 2012 on the Toon Boom website that says, “You should be able to remedy this by reverting to the default theme, Control Panel > Mouse > Pointers tab and selecting (None). This should refresh your mouse cursor.” But I think since the up version to Harmony the Control Panel has been eliminated to some other menu… or something, because I’m not finding it.

I have reset my preferences and am not using any “themes” as the post suggested may be the cause of the problem. I am working in a clean, freshly installed Harmony…

I’m sure it is something simple and obvious, but if anyone knows the quick solution I would super appreciate it.


I think you should send an email to Toon Boom Support.