Brush and Paint Tool Shortcuts stop working

Software: Toon Boom Harmony Advanced
Platform: Windows 10, 64x

The shortcuts for the paintbucket tool (alt + I) as well as the brush tool (alt + b) sometimes simply stop working. The only way to get the shortcuts to work properly again is to close and then restart the program or, alternatively, to go into the shortcut menu (image #1) and first “clear” the shortcut and then reassign the same shortcut again right after. All other tool shortcuts still work fine.

Any ideas?

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I am also having the same problem in 17 premium :frowning:

Did this end up fixing the problem permanently?

Hello Jascha,

This might be a question for our support department at however, which version of Harmony Advanced are you on? 17?

I have the same problem here. Working with harmony pro 17.

I also have this same problem on Harmony Premium 17 on Windows 10

Based on the above reports it seems to happen on all the Harmony 17 programs (pro, advanced, and premium).

Like the original poster said, restarting seems to fix the problem and also clearing a shortcut and reassigning the same shortcut fixes it. However, these are not permanent fixes. The issue keeps happening again almost on every session of using Harmony 17.

I think I may have found a solution but need to test more to see if it’s fixed.

In Windows 10, you have to go to Settings > Language > Choose an input method to use as default > Input Language Hotkeys

I reset my windows input language hot keys (which have always been set to “none”). To reset the language hotkeys, change them to something (any shortcut, like alt+shift+0) and then switch it back to “none”.

Hi everyone, I have a similar issue as the topic described, and I found out that it does have to do with the input language problem, I don’t know anyone here is multilingual or not. But since I always used 2 different keyboard languages, I always switch between input keyboards. So I found a workaround way to deal with the situations here: sometimes when one of the short cut frozen, I just switch my keyboard language. and somehow it magically fixed the issues( temporarily, I know) I still haven’t found any way to permanently fix the problems though, but it’s the fastest way to fix any shortcut frozen problem( at least on my computer)

btw, I do find that it seems like some short cuts only work on one language keyboard than the other. I don’t know why it’s like this, but I hope this could give some insights to some people who might know how to fix the issues.

Toon Boom Harmony Premium 20 and problem still present. Good job, devs.

Yup, I’m on Harmony 20 and I’m also having this problem. I don’t know about the language switch shortcut, it didn’t seem to do anything for me.

Harmony 20 Advanced and still having the same problem here, It’s really frustrating

Harmony 21 Premium. Still same problem, every single time I start the software. You’d think a piece of software that’s this damn expensive would actually work properly. It’s practically unusable when half the shortcuts don’t work.

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I think I found a solution!

Change your shortcuts to default Toon Boom.
Restart the program, check if the defaults work, if they do, switch it back to your saved one.
This worked for me.

Did this end up fixing the problem permanently?