Brush acting strange

Hi. Recently whenever I try to draw with the brush in toon boom harmony it just erases. When I use the pencil tool, it also erases, but the eraser tool is still erasing. Can somebody help me?

Have things ever works properly or have they never worked properly?

Can you describe all of the details of your system?

Platform: Windows? OS X?
Graphics card, the amount of the card’s onboard memory, do you have its current driver installed, etc.?
System RAM?
Tablet brand, model and driver?

Which level of Harmony are you using?

They have worked properly before but recently they haven’t. My computer is a Mac OS X and I am using a UGEE 1910b drawing monitor and Harmony 14. I have a Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB graphics card and my memory is 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3.

Support will be able to tell you whether your hardware is strong enough.

Based on my limited knowledge and research for things that suit my personal needs I suspect that it is not able to handle Harmony with two displays, the UGEE being a display and I imagine you have a standard display as well.

Have you changed anything recently maybe installing an update to the OS or have you checked for the latest driver for the tablet display?

Generally, you may get by with minimal resources but at some point things begin to fail.

Is this recent problem being experienced with all projects including a brand new project without a lot of content?

Or is it only experienced in some projects?

It is possible that your earlier projects were manageable but you may have exceeded the system’s capacity with a developing project.

I’ve been experiencing this problem with all projects

Also I tried the drawing monitor with some free drawing programs I had downloaded on my computer and I was able to use all of the tools without any problems, Harmony 14 is the only application on my computer experiencing this problem.

The Intel graphic card is not very powerful but there’s a possibility that
it has something to do with the tool properties. Check the settings on
the “Tool Properties” window of Harmony when this happens.