'Brudders' Movie Act I Animatic

Happy New Year everybody!

My wife and I are making a short film based on my webcomic ‘Brudders’, and we just posted the animatic for Act I on our YouTube channel. You can watch it here:

Brudders in ‘Don’t Fear the Pooper’ - Animatic for Act I

The artwork for the animatic was created in Toon Boom Storyboard ‘standard’ and colored using ArtRage Studio Pro. The animatic was assembled using Sony Vegas 10 Professional. The music was performed by my wife Alisa, our friend ‘2ch’, and our cat Sergeant Marshmallow. The lyrics were written by our other cat Toullie. The fully animated movie is in production now and we plan to release it by spring of this year.

Hope you enjoy this little preview! Comments and questions about the project are invited. :slight_smile:


The Animatic looks great Greenhaw! Love the line work.

Artrage huh? You know I have art rage3.08 but never actually used it… I just bought it cause it looked amazing, plus it is priced so reasonably. Maybe I should dabble in it a little after seeing what you have done with it.

How did you get so lucky to have a wife that collabs with you on films? ???

Keep us posted I’d like to see the final result

Hi Alex,

Thanks for the nice comments! The film project is taking longer than we planned (too much going on at work right now,) but it’s still moving along. We’ll post the full animatic sometime after the actual short is released.

As for ArtRage Studio Pro, yes, it is pretty amazing. I use Painter too but Art Rage is so simple and intuitive that I prefer using it on my tablet PC for quick sketches at work. At home I have to fight off my four year old daughter to use it. :slight_smile: