Broken strokes in Windows TBS 3.5

I’m on Windows XP, and I’m getting broken lines while drawing in TBS 3.5 with either the pencil or brush tools.

However, once I complete drawing the line, the line looks normal.

Also, I can’t see any anti-aliasing in OpenGL.

I know you have a fix for the Mac version, but will there be one for the Windows version?

System info:
Windows XP SP2
Nvidia Quadro4 980XGL video card (driver v. 71.84)
Wacom Intuos 3 6x11 tablet, driver version 4.96-7
Pentium 4, 3 GHz, 2 GB RAM


Update: I use two monitors, which were set to horizontal span. When changed to Dualview mode, the broken line problem was resolved.

As for the antialiasing, I can see it when I’m zoomed in, but it’s still not super-smooth. At the default drawing window size, the lines still looks jagged.

Sorry for jumping the gun :slight_smile:

Actually this “problem” can be seen in the Windows version of TBS v3.5 on some systems with specific graphics processor cards (Intel for example). If you run into it the easy “fix” is to go into Preferences to the Display tab and change the renderer to Direct3D. -JK

I’ve just got 'round to downloading the 3.5 demo.
I get the same drawing problems the brush doesn’t keep up with the cursor at all.

I am running a dual monitor setup using dual view. I have also tried switching to direct 3d
My machine is a P4 3.2 2 gig ram Nvidia 6600(256) graphics, Wacom etc all with latest drivers.

Is there any help for this or should I stick with V3?


Hi Dave,

Would it be possible to tell us the exact behavior you are getting? Is it a delay for the line to be traced? An offset of the cursor to the pen? The lines drawn being not being smooth enough?

Having the exact behavior might help us to find what could be in cause.

Best regards,


Hi Ugo:
The cursor is not offset. When I draw a line nothing is shown initially and then the line catches up eventually. The line is smooth-ish though there are kinks in it where the line catches up with the cursor.

I have tried pretty much all the possible combinations on the display panel (re-starting each time) there doesn’t seem to be any difference.

Just to confirm 3.01 works fine.

Hi Dave,

One more thing I would like you to test, since you have installed Toon Boom Studio v3.5 demo have you reinstalled your wacom drivers.

Have you also updated your video card drivers lately? Was the result better when you did turn off the OpenGL anti-aliasing?

Best regards,


Hi Ugo:
I have not reinstalled the Wacom drivers - should I? Everything else works perfectly.

Video drivers not updated for a month or so. There is a slightly newer driver which I will try when I finish this project (I went with Moho in the end)

Previously though, there was no difference at all between OGL and DirectX

Hi Dave,

If you have time try to reinstall the tablet drivers. The issue might be related to some corruption that was done in the tablet drivers which affects the settings used in the new version of Toon Boom Studio (there were some changes in the interface so this might explain why it works with v3.0.1 but has difficulties with v3.5).

In any case let us know the results.

Best regards,


Re installed the wacom drivers and no real improvement.

Guess I’ll try to update the graphics drivers and maybe re-install the demo.

I just re-downloaded and re-installed TBS 3.5 demo - no improvement
I also un-installed my Video drivers and installed the latest Nvidia drivers. Also no improvement.
Not sure what to do next other than sticking to v3.