Bringing All Images Together?

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So i have drawn my character from 4 different sides, front - back - left and right. Now i am left with a qestion, how do i bring all the images together to form the complete character into a 3D object, so when i rotate i can rotate him from all different angles? Or do i need to animate from different sides each keyframe, like changing between the images?

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I am assuming from your earlier posts that you are referring to a cut-out character so my reply is based on that assumption.

Your question brings up an interesting point and I am sure there are many different approaches possible. From my experience it is not a good design approach to mix view points inside a common rig. It can be done, but it increases the complexity of the character rig and makes animating more difficult in general.

I find that for each major view point (front, back, perspective, and side) it is more practical to make each into a separate rig. Also, note that you only need one side view rig for the left and right sides because you can flip the characters orientation easily.

To do turns and view point transitions there are several approaches, I find moving from one view point rig to a different view point rig satisfies most situations, but I also have found that building a “close up” rig (just head and shoulders) and doing these transitions as primarily upper body head turns is also a great way to transition view points.

But no matter how you approach your view point transitions, the primary thing that I have found is that combining view points into a common rig is not usually a good approach. This is a personal opinion and certainly not a rule or the only possible approach.

This is 2D software and therefore view point changes must be manually drawn, your question implies that you are thinking in terms of 3D software where a character model can be constructed as a 3D object that can be rotated. The only way to do that in TBS would be to do the modeling and character animation in a 3D software package and then import and composite in TBS. This is practical for some props but not too practical for characters.

Here is a space ship that I modeled in 3D and animated in 3D and then imported into TBS as an example. The software I used for modeling is a product called Swift 3D from Electric Rain and it has a vector rendering engine for making SWF animations. -JK

Flash Gordon Rocket

Thanks again for great help, and great tips that will come in handy ;D