Break Apart Text Layer is not working

I’m in the process of learning ToonBoom Harmony 14 Premium with Adam Phillips’ book. Some instruction have apparently changed since the version his book is based upon. However, this particular instruction seems to be the same in documentation. I created the text, used the lasso select tool to select the text then went to Drawing-Covert-Break Apart Text Layers. Unfortunately, all options are greyed out and I cannot chose Break Apart Text Layers. What gives??? Please advise.


I am able to create Text and break it apart using Harmony 14 premium. Are you sure you are using the Select tool and not the Transform tool? If you are using the Transform tool then those menus items will be greyed out. For me when I use the Select tool, the black arrow at the top of the icons, it allows me to choose the Break Apart Text Layers.

Also, you have to use the Break Apart Text Layers command twice to be able to get at the individuals points if you want to edit the shape with the Contour Editor.