Brand new user! Where should I start for learning cutout animation?

Just bit the bullet and got Harmony Premium! This is my first time using the software and I’m using it for a bit of an unusual purpose - I’m going to create cutout rigs of my characters and use them for comics (with some animations thrown in). I am totally new with this software, so I’m basically looking for any tutorials that you guys know of concerning making a complete puppet rig with master controllers that explains everything at a beginner’s level. I need to make a 360 rig with hand and mouth libraries, including high and low angles, and I’m just having a hard time finding tutorials that go as deep as I need without just blowing past certain steps because they assume I already know. Just needing help getting started in the field I’m aiming at! Thanks so much for any info you can give!

First place I’d check out is from Toon Boom.

Matt Watts Art has a 360 cut-out rigging process course on youtube.

Oli Putland youtube has info on rigging and master controls. His Patreon includes a ‘How to Rig in Toon Boom Harmony’ book(PDF).

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