Box version...


Just asking, is what the box contains a manual paper?
The price of the upgrade to $399 ends when, 11/27 or 12/25?

Juste une question, est-ce que la version boite contient un manuel papier?
Le prix de la mise à jour à 399$ se termine quand, le 27/11 ou le 25/12?

thanks a lot!


The boxed version comes with a paper Getting Started Guide. The Users Manual is in pdf format only.

As far as the ending date on the crossgrade price is concerned, Ugo will have to answer that. The e-mail I received did specifically state 11/27, which surprised me because Ugo had just responded that the end date for the special full purchase of $699.99 was 12/25. One can only assume that the crossgrade price would remain in effect for the same time period.