Bots/spam on the fora

I’ve been trying to give back to the community and help where I can with people’s toonboom problems, and I’ve noticed a few threads where comments are like, repeatedly posted, often with a few links added at the bottom. I looked at one of the links on one, thinking it might just be a portfolio or whatever, but it linked to some spammy malware looking kind of page. Are there bots duping people’s messages an adding links to them? what’s going on?

Hello Waterwheels!

Spam isn’t always as straightforward as bots posting garbage on the forums, and real-life people often have malware on their computers that can cause some of the things you are seeing - real posts that turn into spam a few days after they are posted. Staff at Toon Boom is watching threads for this kind of spam but sometimes it can be hard to catch, but if you ever see something that is clearly spam and we have not caught it feel free to e-mail it in to or alert me on the Community Discord, of which you can find a link to it here:

Hope this helps!