borrowing a license

I’m unable to borrow a license for Animate pro.
We have a network license of Animate pro and I’ve followed the instructions for borrowing a license but I get the following message:
Error 50041: Cannot connect to activation server

I’ve entered the correct server name by ip and the right port and product key.
Please advise.

systems support montgomery hall
savannah college of art & design

When you get an error about not being able to connect to the activation server, that means that your internet connection is not able to transfer the information to Toonboom. It could be a temporary internet malfunction, or it could be a firewall that’s preventing the information from being sent properly. Try to disable the firewall and any security settings that might be preventing the transfer of information, then try again.

Also just to make clear, you need a special borrowable license in order to be able to use the borrow feature. Once a license is borrowed, it cannot be returned early, it can only expire at the date that you set when you borrow it. So be careful when using the borrow feature.