boost render times suggestions?

i’m looking for a way within Harmony to maybe boost my render times. right now when i hit render on a complex shot i can see that my CPU (a 3.2 core i7) is being taxed to around 16-20%. is there any way to squeeze some more out of this to help output renders go a bit quicker? thanks!

As you’ve seen from previous posts you’ve helped me with, I know squat about Windows. My Asus laptop, with all it’s problems, can hit 100% of CPU and do a little overclocking during Harmony renders. I don’t know how it does this out of the box.

What I did see online, that might eventually be of interest, is a 3D rendering engine:

I realize that this is not supporting Harmony at the moment. It only supports specifically 3D apps. However, there might eventually be some product that lets you portion off some rendering tasks to the GPU while rendering in 2D or 2.5D apps. My Nvidia card is basically just hanging out during a render, while the CPU is working like a dog. It would be great to have them both pitching in.

I’m curious if communities for Adobe After Effects or Nuke have found some kind of render management solution like Spectral. That might be something that could eventually work with Harmony. If the Harmony developers keep a ‘customer wish list’, I would vote for this.

thats interesting. your laptop will hit 100% (or close to) while Harmony renders? like i said up there, mine machine will hover around 16% while Harmony renders. i know that when i’m rendering out from Premiere, my machine will go up close to 100%. I haven’t checked what it does when AE renders. I dont mind this trade-off if I can spit out a render faster. i had a few renders from Harmony on my last job that took close to an hour. would be nice to cut them down a bit.

I have an old license of After Effects CS3, on a second generation Intel Mac Pro. This machine cannot run a 64 bit system, and has low usage of both processor and memory during AE renders. I wonder if your Harmony renders are encountering a ‘32 bit only’ wall of some kind? Could there be some kind of ‘multi-threading’ issue?

Again, I’m like a parrot that lives in a bar. I’m just grasping at things I’ve heard.

Frank, see what your render preferences are set to. You may be able to bump up the number of cores being used. I’m going to create a cashe folder and see if my open GL speed will do better.

CPU usage during rendering is affected be many factors.
File I/O is one of them. There will be a significant difference if you open a scene on a local disk vs. a network disk.
The I/O time will increase and your CPU will work less.

The scene structure itself will affect the CPU usage during rendering.
If you have tons of little read module that only take a split second to render, you might end-up spending more time to read the modules than to actually calculate something.

You can try to create a sample scene that will contain a couple of elements with effects like blur.
Make sure to increase the scene resolution and you might end up using more than 16 % of CPU.

You can also change the number of thread for rendering from 2 to 4 and see if you get a faster result.

My 2 cents…

Francois Grossin

Mine caps out at 16% as well

and its 1080p scene, I rather it use all my cpu to render the scene faster …