books forum


i was wondering if it would be possible for the Admins to start up a Book review forum for toonboom users to share their reivews. i just finished an animation related book and i wish somebody told me not to start it, it was too basic! :S


i doubt will get a forum just for that, but post your review in the tips and tricks forum I think.

Good Question and good point Raider!

Probably a crazy idea that will get shot down in flames but… Howsabout “My Top 5 Favourite Animation Books Thread”. Here you go in no particular order…

1) The Animator’s Survival Kit - Richard Williams
2) The Illusion of Life - Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston
3) Elemental Magic - Joseph Gilland
4) Drawn to Life - Walt Stanchfield
5) That’s All Folks: The Art of Warner Bros. Animation - Steve Schneider

These are all currently available. I have no commercial liaison with either these authors, publishers or re-sellers, I just hope to get educated.


I’m not opposed to the idea of creating another section for that, however the interface can become difficult to navigate when there are too many sections.

I’d recommend instead creating a thread on Useful Books or Useful Tutorials or something of that nature.