I cant seem to put bones in my characters… I click on the tool but it wont allow me to use it on anything. Help Please.

Try selecting a drawing element before you start using the Bone Creation Tool.

Okay, maybe I’m just stupid, but when I started, apparently I was trying to create bones with the bone moving tool. This was partly due to the “bone create” tool being not shown at first glance in the bone toolbar in my laptop. Just check that you’re using the right tool. Then draw something. Then make sure you’re in the camera view and select the “bone create” tool thingy. Then drag across your drawing to create a bone as long as you want. :wink:

One thing that is very important yet not emphasized enough is that a lot of things must be done in a certain sequence or they do not work.

I have watched tutorials (made by amateurs) and they do not always described every single action they are taking. When you try it you think you are duplicating what they do but it does not work. You have to go back and carefully look at every detail. Certain things do not activate unless you do other things beforehand.