bones tutorial

I’ve downloaded the trial of version 6 with a view to recommending a school which I’m involved with upgrading their current version, but I can’t find any tutorials anywhere online explaining how to use the new bones feature.

Is there anywhere I can learn how to use the new feature? A trial is not much use if you can’t actually try it!

There is a bones section in the help (F1) that describes the bones feature and the basics of using it.

Hi, as an addendum, I’m really struggling with the bone thing. I import an image, vectorize it and cut up all the requisite parts (a picture of a man).

I separate the limbs out on to different layers and put them into a Skin Group and add bones. However, as soon as I go to manipulate the bones the texture changes to be that of the original whole drawing, as if it were stretched over the limb. I can’t understand why this happens. I find that if I save the limbs as images separately and import them I have no problem but importing a picture and then cutting it up always ends with in this problem. What am I doing wrong?

Many thanks


It’s hard to say just from the description. Have another look at the help section for Bones. If you’re still stuck email and be ready to provide your zipped project folder, by email if it’s smaller than 2MB and by ftp if its between 2MB and 2GB

I’ve been doing everything right and for some reason (after downloading the latest Toon Boom) I’ve found that this works no problem but in version 6 the ‘stretching’ always occurs :confused: