Bones skeleton and movement cloning?

I want synchronicity in a group of characters. It would make things very nice if I could create a master then attach it to multiple characters in the scene. Is this possible? If not, is there another approach to attain this result used in animation you could suggest?

…Action Templates?

If you’re trying to do actions that are already available from the Robo-Skeleton templates, then things would be easier. You can just reuse the templates (like walking) and fit in your own characters. This is described in detail in the User Guide under Robo-Skeleton Templates.

You can also create your own custom actions, save them in your library, and reuse the templates as many times with as many different characters so that they move in synchronicity. I’ve been experimenting along those lines but with very simple poses/actions and basic shapes. I find that it’s cool to be able to reuse the rigs+actions and swap the skin layers.

Thank you.

BTW there are valuable shared experiences on your website/blog. The only caveat is that I find the font really tough to read. It is a combination of things but the kerning is the major offender. I have seen other back slanted fonts but for some reason this one makes me feel uncomfortable aside from the kerning. Sorry, too much said about the font. Love the content though!

Thanks, I really appreciate the feedback about the font on my website. You prompted me to look up ‘kerning’ and now I’m learning a little about typography! It’s embarrassing how I was ignorant about this. I’ll be working on fixing the font. Thanks again :-).