Bones overlapping

I am testing out bone rigging and am having trouble with the limbs overlapping. When I used Anime Studio Pro they have a “patch layer” option that can cover it, but I can’t see anything like that here.

Has anyone had this problem/found a solution to it?

Apologies if this has been dealt with before.

Hi, Clarency,
After you build up the rough bone structure, you need to use the Bone Influence tool in the Bone tool bar to adjust the area which will be effected when the bone moves. In your case the area is too big and you need to have closed outline for a character.

Greetings. I know this reply is way too late. However, for all folks who may be running into the same issue, I thought I’d share the simple solution that I found. The problem (see Clarency’s screen shot) actually bothered me for quite a while, too.

To fix the issue, I simply color in the art piece using the Paint Tool. Then I select the fill (color) portion, making sure NOT to also select the outline of the drawing. Finally, I arrange the fill element in front of the outline and that unwanted ‘loop’ effect is sent to the back (menu: Element > Arrange > Bring to Front).

You can also select just the outline and send it to the back (menu: Element > Arrange > Send to Back).

You can refer to this video to see an example of how I do the layer arrangements:

I feel the pain, so I have just made a video to specifically show how to fix the problem:

Thank you so much for your excellent solution to the problem of overlapping outlines when rigging with bones, and also for the wonderful accompanying videos. It’s always great to see how others find solutions to common problems.