Bones Order Toon Boom Studio 7

Hi, am working with the bones tools but it seems its not working like it should be. :frowning:

In drawing mode, the order of the drawings works nice, i can send them back or front, but when am in bones mode the drawings order doesnt work. i did everything in the guide and tutorial and create the bones that i need on the back first, doesnt work.

Extras: I got 3 Full licenses and 3 Academics, the academics are unstable, software closed unexpeted and rename layers give me a lot of problems.

Please Heeelp, thanks and good day.

Screenshoot of my problem:

Hello diegomruizdiaz,

Have you looked art it in the Top or Side view window? Have you checked the Z-axis (F/B values in the Properties Window)?

You should really contact though, and be ready to provide a zipped copy of the project. For the Forums, it helps to keep the thread to one subject.

For your unexpected crashes, remember to avoid accented characters or special characters and spaces, only a-z, 0-9, “_” and “-” are safe for naming.