Bones not working...?

Hi all,

I’m new here, so please forgive any formatting errors (if any).

I’m using Toon Boom 6.0 on my mac for animating, and so far, it’s working great. I’ve been making rather complex animations of up to 2 hours, and all functions work well…


Bones. Whenever I try to use them, it fails, and no bones appear, despite much extensive research.

I click on my drawing layer (the one that contains the limb), press U, and click and drag inside the blue rectangle but NOTHING HAPPENS.

Is this a glitch? Or is there some way to fix this/something I am doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.


Chapter 10 in the manual explains how to proceed,
it’s well worth having a look at if you haven’t already
done this.

Here are the quick and dirty directions…
You first need to create a bone effect element.
Drag the drawings into the skin group
select the Bone group in the timeline

Select the Bone creator and click+drag to create a bone

If it doesn’t work on your end explain where it fails.

Did you make sure that you’re working in Camera Mode when trying to add the bones?

Hi Minton Lee,

Could you specify which software you are using?
Toon Boom is the name of the company who creates the softwares. Harmony, for example, is one of the softwares we create.

The fact that you mention a version 6.0 tells me that you are not using Harmony, but we would still need to know more.

Thank you,