Bones not visible

I hope this is not an emberassing questions, but I’ve had it happen more then once that my bones are not visible anymore in my viewport. What could be the cause of this? When I go in the network, I can see they are still there, but I can’t select them in my viewport. My solution to this was to throw all the bones away, connect a new deformer and build the bones and splines again. Obviously that’s not the way to go. Anybody have a clue? I’m using Harmony 11.

Using Harmony 12, but, I presume this might work in Harmony 11 as well ?

Preferences / Shortcuts / Deformation / Show Current Deformers.
Assign a Shortcut-Key to it, (I use F11) click OK.

In the Viewport select the whole character or part of it, then hit F11.
The Deformation-Chain should be visible.

That worked, thanks!