Bones attempt

When using bones does the entire drawing have to be all on the same drawing element or can you have individual drawing elements, say Right arm, Left arm, Right Leg, etc



You can have individual drawing elements.

The pdf Bones Tutorial describes the feature well.
Click on the [Click Here] link half way down the page:

As a practical matter I have found that it is much easier to rig and animate a multi-element character using the bone functionality then it is to try to work with a single element character. You have far better area of influence control by using separate element layers for your body parts. -JK

Thanks for the help. I was looking at the bones templates that come with TB and unless I am not seeing it. It looks like everything is all on one drawing element. Again thanks and I will use multiple elements and see what I can learn.

You certainly can animate a character with the bones functionality with the drawing art on a single element layer. I have done it both ways. The problem is in defining and controlling the area of influence of your bones. If you aren’t familiar with using bones to animate, each bone exerts its influence to certain areas of the art work. These areas of influence are determined by envelopes of control and the hierarchy of the bones. Sometimes there can be overlap conflicts between bones because they are all hierarchically at a similar level so then the addition of different drawing element layers helps to resolve or eliminate control conflicts. My experience has been to cut up my character almost the same as I do for regular cut out animation. There are some exceptions such as arms and legs don’t need to be cut into as many pieces because of the use of bones but it still helps overall to have multiple layers. -JK