Bones animation's.

Hi Guys,
I am working in a project and have a doubt.

Is possible in toon boom to create a animation with bones and to place one another clothes in the character taking advantage of the already existing animation?
The idea is to change the clothes of a character, using the same animation.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

I’m using Animate Pro.
The clothes will not change overall length of the limbs of the character.
The idea is to facilitate the inclusion of clothes.

Only need to do the rigging in new clothes, right?

You can also use the same rig and add new drawings with the new clothes in it.


Great, This is better.

It should be fine as long as the clothes don’t change the overall length of the limbs of the character. What you could do is simply swap to another drawing to swap to the next type of clothes.

What software are you using? Animate or Animate Pro?