Bone Tool Animation Issues

Hey guys: I’ve recently downloaded Toon Boom 7.1 and wanted to give making a simple puppet with the bone tool a shot.

I constructed the character and added the skeleton while following the TB tutorial, but when it came to animating in the timeline I can’t make it work. When I move to a new keyframe to adjust the bones, the entire character design disappears (only appearing on the very first frame) leaving only the skeleton: there’s no actual animation itself.

I’m probably missing a vital step or something really simple, but I’m new to the setup so any help would be fantastic! =)

Maybe it is related to the video card.
If you are using Windows and your video card support full OpenGL (ex, all Nvidia cards and some highend ATI cards), check the Display setting from preferences if the renderer type has set as OpenGL. If you are using Windows but the video card is low model of ATI or Intel onboard card, it might be difficult to see the whole movement due to video card. You can however try updating the video card driver to see if it helps for the display issue.