Bone Rigging TBS 7.1 and Freezing!!!???

the following message I just sent to customer service. I really am at my wits end though. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Ive been working on a project and hit a wall. I have set my bones using the bone creation tool (59 bones total~good thing I’m only animating the upper body).

When I click on camera view and a bone tool to start connecting my bones together my Mac (running v10.7.5) gives me the “program not responding wheel.”

This is scene 2 on a larger project. I thought TBS could not handle the size of the project? So I deleted the entire first scene after rendering it, of course.

I still got shut down/frozen out.

I next collapsed the character outright and saved him to the global library. I opened a new project and when importing the character. The program also freezes.

I am at my wits end here and have tried searching the forum. I am going to attempt to send the whole TBS file named Banana Hands to you as well. Can you help me to figure out how to proceed?

One more nugget of info: when I click onto my desktop and use other programs the Mac does just fine. This appears to be a TBS bug/issue. I have a terabyte of storage and:
Processor 3.1 GHz Intel Core i5
Memory 4 GB 1333 MHz DDR3
Graphics AMD Radeon HD 6970M 1024 MB
Software Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5 (11G63)

Please help! Thanks so much. These issues have always destroyed my creativity in the past with my old PC’s. I have a decent mac and the new version of TBS. I am firing with creativity and just want to do it finally! This is so frustrating!

Thank you for your time.


James Warren
user sayheyjayray

ps, I would gladly send the files via email to see if anyone else can open them and see if there is the same problem. Thanks.

after more experiments with other bone rigs with a bare minimum of bones, this program freeze is still happening. >:(

it seems the trigger is clicking the bone manipulator tool. All is fine until then. Please help, thanks.


Thanks for replying. The link in your email only takes me to the opening page of the knowledge base. I poured through the options last night and again just now…could you be more specific please? Thanks.

Also the toon boom build number I am using is The build number is 7.1.18189.

Thanks for any further direction!


I reinstalled TBS and still the problem persists. :-\

I tried a new project and once creating bones, and placing zones of influence, the program freezes when I go to manipulate to bones.

Now what? Thanks!

Well thanks TB folks for going into team view and checking out my project. It turns out I had too many bones and so the system was crashing. I was trying to animate 8 fingers with 3 bones each, palms, 4 arm bones, 2 torso bones, and only 2 leg bones.

That wouldn’t have been it once I had the sea moving, the seagull character fly in, and the wind blowing.

It turns out I need to keep it way more simple. That or buy Harmony along with a super computer. So, my advice to buyers:

TBS is pretty cool but keep your ideas and scenes simple. This bums me out a bit, but it’s not the fault of Toon Boom Studio!

Thanks again for your great customer service and if you have any free copies of Harmony over there with great computers remember sayheyjayray!

James Warren

New ticket request,

Wei or tech support,

I have done what was suggested and toon boom studio v. 7.1 still freezes. I have simplified my character so that his entire lower body is one piece needing only 8 bones and the program still freezes in the same spot: right after creating the bones, adding their zone of influence and (just as the bone animation tutorial says that I also purchased) I click on the Bone Manipulator tool and my computer freezes.

Attached is a picture of the blow out of my character Banana Hands. There is no background. There is 7 bones (instead of the tutorials 12). There is no reason this is too complex of a character for TBS to handle. What is going on here.

The opening sequence was smooth like butter. Why now are these issues coming up. See opening sequence on YouTube here:

Here is the blowout of Banana Hands before I add bones:


I appreciate any new information you can give me on this issue. Please help! Thanks.

-loyal customer and frustrated

James Warren
-aka sayheyjayray

James, I don’t try and animate hands like you described… but I had a basic cartoon that crashed because of the bones… my work around was to have one of the characters with a gimp leg ;D ::slight_smile:

I wish such limitations were clearly marked, because I hate wasting my time with a project if it isn’t going to work.

If you look, you’ll notice that the character with the green hat’s left leg doesn’t flex when he’s moving.