Bone rigging not present on toon boom harmony stage


I created a few bone riggings on toonboom advanced on my laptop at home and brought it in to work on at school. The program provided by my university is called Toon boom harmony stage and although everything I’ve created in the layers exists, the bone rigging disappears and a pop up shows up saying:

The following errors occured:

  • Fatal Syntax Error:
    An unrecognized module of type BendyBoneModule has been detected.
    A generic Plugin module will be created for it to complete the composition, but this scene can only be opened in READ ONLY mode.

What does this mean and how can I avoid this from popping up in the future? Please help!

Your university might have an older version of Harmony? It will have problems if you use the scene files on older version of the software, but it will work fine the other way round. Harmony is not called “Stage” since the last upgrade, I believe, but I wonder if the university has version 12 or an older one?

You can check versions via the Help menu, selecting About…

Luis Canau