Bone Issues in Toon Boom Studio

Hey All, either I’m missing something, or the Toon Boom Studio User Guide 7.1 (PDF) is not up to date with the current build of TBS.

Here is the issue I am having with bones & parenting

My Toon Boom Studio build is

I’m on a Mac Mini OSX 10.7.5

I like the way you explained it in video… far easier to understand than just a description.

I’ve never tried to do it the “proper way”. I basically do it the way you did that worked.

Hi, Tony,
Here is a tutorial in our online store
Animate a Cape with Bone Animation Tutorial Package
It will show you how to make the bone animation

Wei, this is perhaps the worst response imaginable. He needs help, so you tell him the solution will cost money. In a help forum.

Great work.

For what it’s worth, I have a similar issue, and I was hoping for an answer. If I had been able to resolve it, I may have purchased TB Studio. But if this is the kind of support to expect, well, no thank you.

How does the solution cost money?
The Bones tutorial is completely free of charge.