Bone deformers


I am using Harmony Essentials and I am having problems when I create bone deformers on arms and legs in my character. I have used them before experimenting and have loved the results. Now that I am trying to build a decent character they seem to be tessellating badly. I have tried increasing and decreasing the aperture of the joint and have tried the suggested practice of setting it roughly the width of the limb. My limbs don’t have pegs…Is that the problem? Has me stumped at the moment.

Regards Mike

Hey Hulla!

When creating a new topic, you have the option to attach a file to accompany your issue.

Have you looked at your deformation in render mode as well or only in the camera Open GL view? Often times, render will turn out much better and smooth out those rough or jagged edges. In the case of deformers, they will often benefit from having more vectors points rather than too few.

Let us know if that helps!

Hi Thanks for the reply. Apologies for not getting back sooner. I don’t know if “tessellated” is the right word. I borrowed it from Christina Halstead tutorial. I mean The slices seem to be quite large. It may be that I am working too small.

PS I have tried but I have no idea how to add a screenshot. Have taken one but don’t know how to add in forum. Did I mention I am a moron?

Yes, vector points on the actual drawing, not the deformation shape.
Happy to have helped, cheers!

Thanks Gene, Yes I did try rendering it yesterday actually and you’re right it did iron out most of the edges. When you say vector points do you mean in the artwork? Or by adjusting the deformer range (circle thingy). It’s funny when I first tried these everything was fine and I fear I may have adjusted something without meaning too. Thanks for your help.

What do you mean by tessellated?
Please share a screenshot to help illustrate.