Bone Deformer - swapping drawings

Hey all,

I’m making progress with the bone deformer tutorials. I’ve found that when I set up a bone deformer chain on a drawing or photo, I can add new pieces to the deformation, and on those items I can switch out drawings, but on the original thing that I deformed, I can’t. The deformation seems to be linked to that drawing?

Can someone please explain how exactly I can set up a deformation on a drawing and then swap out drawings on it, without the bone deformation going away?

Thanks a lot! I just haven’t run across this in the materials yet.

I have the same question

After selecting the frame of the body part you wish to alter in the timeline,
go to the library window and use the Drawing Substitution slider to
exchange the drawing with another drawing of the same element.

So the problem is if you change drawings you lose the rig, but it’s only because of the drawing’s name. Whatever the first drawing is named (probably just “1”), any drawing you want to use the rig needs to be named “1+1,” “1+2” and so on. If you don’t rename the drawings they’ll come in like “2” “3” etc, and they won’t get the rig. So to do it properly, BEFORE you make the rig, name the drawing (say, “arm”), then any new drawings after just go incrementally up like “arm+1” “arm+2.”