Bone Deformer Dosen't Work

Hey there! So I am using Toon Boom Harmony 10.3, and I load it up you know, and create a new NTSC Formatted Stage and I select my automatically created drawing layer in the timeline, and yes, it is indeed selected, and I draw a rectangle on it, and fill it with a color. Then, I click on the drawing layer, and I go up to my deformation toolbar and select the rigging tool. I make sure I am in set-up mode, and I click once on the rectangle in the middle, and click again somewhere on the bottom of it, (this is just an example of what I’m trying to say,) and I exit set-up mode, and I make sure that the deformation has created the deformation layer on the timeline, and I click and drag on the bone deformer, but here’s the weird thing, it doesn’t move the drawing, just the bone handle, it doesn’t actually move or distort the rectangle AT ALL! I have tried so many tutorials, followed all instructions correctly, and it just moves the bone deformer it self, but doesn’t move the actual drawing.

Please, someone reply to this as soon as they can, because I am very bummed out I can’t use the deformation tools to just make a simple animation.

Thanks in regards,

Isaac Fisher

Before moving the bone to verify it’s setup, did you change the tool to the Transformation Tool? Or are you still using the Rigging Tool?

Yes, I was on the transformation tool. And I clicked and dragged the bone handle, and I can drag it, but it doesn’t deform the drawing. And I don’t know why.