Bone Cycle

If anyone knows how to create a bone cycle it will be greatly appreciated. Im making spiderman climb up a wall and I need him to do it multiple times.
Sincerely, Ashpan???

You can do this with the change loops feature which is explained in the Tip&Tricks here:

this tip & trick doesn"t give any clue to do a bone cyle
i’m running version 7.1 on OSX and the master peg cannot be set to loop mode.

Change Loops does work with Master Pegs and with the Bones feature. Make sure to collapse the master peg first and then right click the first cel of the master peg in the timeline to apply the looping.

I had the same poblem as gaelG_12916 on Mac with TBS 7.1.
In a simple bones animation of one drawing element and a skeletton of 4 bones all connected to a master peg I couldn’t create a proper loop as described by you. When collapsing the master peg and applying 3 loops to it only the motion path of the peg was looped and the exposure of the drawing element extended. However the bones did not move during loops 2 and 3 (their intermediate keyframes were ignored).

I could solve the issue only by changing loops for each bone induvidually.

Is there something I could have done wrong when adding the skeletton to the peg?

There’s no way to know unless we see the actual project but it’s entirely possible (though I have not yet seen this personally). If you create a simpler effect does this still happen?