Bone align when animated???


When im using bone deformation, there is a way to keep a certain bone in the same position? Like with IK?

For example, if i make the back leg of the character move, the front leg keep align in all sequence… becouse sometimes the front leg, the one is not been moved, goes up down, going out of position…

The way i fix this is by hand, looking frame by frame. But there is a better way???


If the front leg is not parented to the back leg, your problem might be that the bone influence zones are overlapping. Try setting the influence to ‘elliptical’ for all of your bones in the properties tab and adjusting the regions so that they only affect the areas you want. If you haven’t already, you might want to walk through the ‘bone basics’ tutorial in the TBS 8.1 Getting Started Guide. I found it to be a pretty good overview.