"Boiling Lines" effect

I love Harmony’s new pencil tools and the various tapered lines with the “grain” and “chalk” look. If I created a symbol or a graphic that has a “grain” pencil line around its border…and then wanted that border to “boil” or keep a moving, rough edge…is there a module in the library that could help produce that effect? I suppose I could always hand draw it, but an effect would save a lot of time. I’m still learning the software, so any thoughts would be appreciated.

You are in the wrong forum.

You can do this a number of ways but one approach would be to use a color override which will override the line art with a pencil texture, use the “Override Pencil Texture Matrix” setting for this. Now attach a peg to the color override module and make a function (or type random numbers) for the X-axis position offset.

Thanks a ton! I’ll give that a try.

What’s the right forum? New to this.

Thanks again!!!


Yeah! That was really great! Thanks Tooners! Keep up!
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It was totally confusing comments i have been followed but anyways i owed thanks for allowing my part to be heard in your sites. i hope the best and organized pages to browsed since there is a room for improvements.
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